List of Rebecca Black’s Songs That Aren’t “Friday”

Rebecca Black will definitely be remembered for her viral 2011 song, “Friday.” It was one of those so-bad-it’s good types of songs that, although catchy, had overly simplistic lyrics and was released with a cringe-worthy music video. Critics and most people viewing the video on YouTube hated the song and music video that so much criticism (and some violent comments and death threats from people who took things way too far) was directed at Black. However, this would not stop her from trying to improve and continuing to write her own music.

Eight years later, the 21-year-old singer has her own independent record label, her first album, and a few songs and their own music videos under her belt. These are Rebecca Black’s other songs released.


My Moment

“My Moment” is supposed to be Black’s song of self-empowerment and follow-up to the aftermath of “Friday.” It was released also in 2011, a few months after “Friday” went viral, under RB Records, her independent record label. After the viral panning of her first single, Black wanted to write a song to address the haters while still showing that she intends to become a serious artist and has the talent for it.

Unfortunately, while critics found that her voice was an improvement from “Friday,” it was less enjoyable. “My Moment” failed to reach the charts and reach the same viral views. Because of this, it failed to reach “Friday’s” levels of being so-bad-it’s-good.


Person of Interest

Five months after releasing “My Moment,” Black released another single, “Person of Interest.” Black describes this song as one about teenage crushes, the so-called point when you like a male but aren’t totally in love with him yet. She imagined this would be a song that would get girls to dance and sing along to when they thought about their crush.

The song was released on the iTunes Store under RB Records on the same day the music video was released. It received mixed to negative reviews as critics continued to dislike the heavy editing done to Black’s voice. The song was also compared to other songs created by more popular teen singers at the time, such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.


Sing It

The following year, Black released her fourth single, “Sing It.” The music video was released on YouTube one day before it dropped on iTunes. Black said this song strayed from the pattern her other songs were forming as this one was more fun and was about letting loose.

It was her first song that did not use Auto-Tune and was met with positive reviews from critics. While it failed to reach the charts to become a hit, they claimed it was a pretty good single for a young girl with a different perspective of enjoying the summer.


In Your Words

Six months later, Black released “In Your Words,” her fifth single. The music video and the song were released on the same day in YouTube and iTunes. This was her first song that strayed away from traditional teen pop and entered country pop with its acoustic guitar sound. In comparison to “Sing It,” which was about teenage love, “In Your Words” was a more mature take on breakups and moving on.

“In Your Words” was met with positive reviews. Critics noted the way her lyrics were becoming more mature compared to her first four singles, but still maintaining its catchy rhythm and leisurely tempo. The public also began to provide more positive feedback on Black’s music.


Saturday (feat. Dave Days)

After the release of “Friday” in 2011, Patrice Wilson (the co-founder of Ark Music Records, the company that produced and released “Friday, and the rapper who sung a verse in the song) released a sequel to the song a year later, entitled “Happy.” However, Black would go on to release her own song following “Friday”, called “Saturday” in 2013.

Together with YouTuber Dave Days, Black sings about the morning after the “Friday” party and then deciding to party the night after. Unfortunately, it did not perform better than “Friday,” critics thought.


RE/BL: Satellite, The Great Divide, Foolish, & Head Full of Scars




In 2018, Black released her first album, RE/BL. It included the new songs (“Satellite” and “Wasted Youth”) as well as one song released in 2016, “The Great Divide,” and two songs from 2017, “Foolish,” and “Heart Full of Scars.”

Her album was met with positive response, defying the critics, haters, and everyone who claimed she did not have the talent for the music industry. This is arguably her crowning moment, releasing her album with acceptance and confidence amidst the sea of people who sent hate and mockery her way.



Black’s latest release, her single “Anyway,” was released in 2019 on iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer, with an accompanying music video on YouTube.


While this list does not cover her song covers on YouTube and other artists’ songs where she was featured in, looking at how Rebecca Black progressed as a singer and how she managed to turn a negative viral experience into her becoming the talented singer she is today shows how far she’s come. We definitely did not hear the last of Rebecca Black with “Friday” and, with her being active in the last 8 years, it may be right to assume that her career is still a long way to go and with more ladder rungs to climb.

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