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Ever since Rebecca Black went viral in 2011 for her “Friday” music video, some might have forgotten all about her. However, she’s still online, continuing to make music that’s actually way better than the song that got her in the spotlight all those years ago. And with her own album, singles, covers, and appearances and cameos in shows, ads, and music videos from other artists, it’s no surprise that Black still has her own following with thousands of followers eight years later.

However, her popularity has also spawned fan accounts (accounts that praise Black while openly claiming they’re not her real account), fake accounts (accounts that can either portray her in a positive or negative light but insisting they are her), and other accounts that may just be misleading into thinking they’re her.

If you want to stay in the loop and follow Rebecca Black’s latest posts, be sure to follow her verified social media accounts below!



While Rebecca Black’s personal Facebook account may be hidden in plain sight or just hidden from people outside her personal circles, Rebecca Black’s Facebook Page, @IAmRebeccaBlack, is public. Anyone can like and/or follow it to get the latest news and announcements about her and anything she shares with her fans.

To make sure you’re on her verified page, look for the blue tick beside her name. Also look at the number of likes on the page. A fake account may have hundreds or even a few thousand likes, but for someone who went viral like Rebecca Black, her verified account has almost 400,000 likes.

She doesn’t post often (as of writing, it’s late-May and her latest post was April 28; before that, her last post was March 3), and uses her page to inform fans of her latest shows and released songs. One feature fans will enjoy is how her page shows all her upcoming events in the near future. As of writing, she has several events all around the United States.

Selecting “Get Tickets” takes you to either a pop-up where you can easily buy a ticket without leaving Facebook or opens a new window to another website where you can buy tickets for her event. If you’re unsure whether or not you want to buy tickets, simply select the “Interested” tab so that you’ll be reminded days prior to the event to see if you’re still interested in buying her tickets.



On a more personal side, Rebecca Black’s Instagram account @msrebeccablack features mostly photos of herself, her family, and her friends. Occasionally, she’ll post about her music and latest songs released.

Black’s Instagram account is verified (look for the blue tick beside her name) and currently has 860,000 followers. It’s far from being the most followed online celebrity on Instagram, but if you want to see how well she’s doing for herself through her IG posts and stories, then this is the best account to follow.



Rebecca Black seems to be most active on her Twitter account, @MsRebeccaBlack, which currently has 1.2 million followers. Like other Twitter users, she posts her daily thoughts through Tweets. She also posts a mixture of personal pictures of herself, announcements for her events, and other news she wants her followers to know, including trends and current news going around on Twitter.

If you have a public Twitter account, this may also be the best way to send a message to Rebecca Black through replies on her Tweets. She’s not very active on Facebook, and it’s easy to get lost in a sea of comments on her Instagram, but there are less replies on her Tweets that it’s highly likely that she’ll see it when she scrolls even though she has more followers on Twitter than she does in the other two social media platforms. And based on her replies, it appears she’s not shy to say hello to her fans who send her heartwarming Tweets.



Rebecca Black’s iconic YouTube channel has over 1.4 million subscribers and is home to her most popular music video, “Friday.”

However, Black has come a long way since the heavily-criticized video and has spent the last eight years creating more better music with her independent label. Aside from music, she uploads vlogs, song covers from other artists, and other random videos you might expect from a popular YouTuber.



If you want to hire Rebecca Black to appear or perform in a public or private event, be the face of your ad or video project, or just have a business inquiry for her, you might have to contact her manager, Nikki Bohannon. Send all your business inquiries to or



Avoid misleading playlists from other users and visit Rebecca Black’s Spotify page. If you’re on the go and would rather listen to her songs than go on YouTube for the music video, Black’s Spotify list has all her released singles and songs from her album RE/BL. Her page also includes her song covers and songs by other artists where she is featured.

Most of her listeners are from Chicago, Los Angeles, London, New York, and Dallas. Currently, her most popular songs include “Friday,” “Anyway,” “The Great Divide (Crash Cove Remix),” “Saturday,” and “Havana.”


Stay in the loop by following Rebecca Black in all her verified social media accounts. These social media platforms can help you stay updated with the latest Rebecca Black events, new songs and music videos, and everything that’s happening with one of your favorite viral singers.

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