Rebecca Black: Singer, Songwriter, Cyberbullying Victim

In March of 2011, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” reached mainstream media’s attention after various talk shows, comedians, influencers, and celebrities started mentioning the song as one of the worst pieces of music the world has ever seen. Soon enough, the memes followed, then the parodies, and then, death threats. It seems that an innocuous song written

Cyber Bullying, A Persistent Problem

In February of 2011, Rebecca Black released her single “Friday”. The song was originally intended to be something fun for Rebecca and her friends to do, and something they can watch with family on YouTube. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. A little over a month later, and the song finds its way onto social media,

How Much Is Rebecca Black Worth?

When Rebecca Black’s “Friday” came out, people were quick to make fun of Black and her music. This was back in 2011, when people were only starting to figure out YouTube’s potential of making people famous, and Black was only 13 when she released her song and music video through Ark Music Records. Both received

Hot Problems vs. Friday: Which Was the Worst Music Video Released?

Before there was Boyce Avenue, Christina Grimmie, and Sam Tsui, budding singers in YouTube were a rare thing. In the early 2000s, people were taking their baby steps into the internet, and YouTube was simply a place where everyone could share videos of themselves just for fun. Only a few videos of the thousands that

List of Rebecca Black’s Songs That Aren’t “Friday”

Rebecca Black will definitely be remembered for her viral 2011 song, “Friday.” It was one of those so-bad-it’s good types of songs that, although catchy, had overly simplistic lyrics and was released with a cringe-worthy music video. Critics and most people viewing the video on YouTube hated the song and music video that so much

Follow Rebecca Black on Her Verified Social Media Accounts

Ever since Rebecca Black went viral in 2011 for her “Friday” music video, some might have forgotten all about her. However, she’s still online, continuing to make music that’s actually way better than the song that got her in the spotlight all those years ago. And with her own album, singles, covers, and appearances and

Rebecca Black: Where Is She and What Is She Doing Now?

If you were a teenager in the last 10 years or just happened to be an avid YouTube visitor, you might have remembered Rebecca Black’s single, “Friday,” a music video that came out in March 2011 and became viral – for all the wrong reasons. Dubbed one of the worst music videos of all time,

Rebecca Black & Dave Days Cover “Stay”

After their acoustic performance of Rihanna and Mikky Ekko’s “Stay” at Playlist LIVE, Rebecca and Dave got into the studio to record their own version of the song and then filmed a video for YouTube.

Rebecca at Orlando Magic Game

Rebecca and friends, Caspar Lee and Marcus Butler, visit the Amway Center to support the Orlando Magic as they played against the Oklahoma City Thunder on March 22. Rebecca was visiting Orlando to perform at Playlist Live, a YouTube festival and networking convention. See her interview with Magic’s Dan Savage here

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